2019 - 2021
In the project Having a Little Girl in Your House is Magical (2019 - 2021), I am going through the process of overcoming a trauma and discovering how this shapes the relationship with my sister. By exploring the world with my younger sister, I am learning to approach my surroundings in a new way, including the spaces that carry the tension of the trauma for me. From the day my sister came into my life, I felt a responsibility to protect her from something. While I was looking for answers to what I wanted to protect her from, my EMDR therapy started as well. I soon discovered that what had happened to me was one of the reasons for wanting to take care of her. Through exposing the processing in different photographic ways, I try to find out how an image can trigger something the same way that it does in your memories.  The way an image can hurt, the way I can manipulate it and thereby control it to soften it again.
Exhibited on Fotodok, 24 - 26.06 2021
No Plans For Next Year
Graduation show University of Arts, Utrecht
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